GaiaTellus Intent & Ambition

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To provide Worldwide Production of Renewable Energy

OCEA - GaiaTellus Energy Program  was developed to contribute to a more sustainable planet! Among other things, we want to develop reliable, potent & competitive "Renewable Energy Resources" in the near future. This is needed, to reduce usage of all dirty, fossil fuel alternatives, which is the norm today, on a global scale today.

GaiaTellus is focused on promoting and attracting local and/or regional partners in different countries for co-ownership of platforms and also The General Public from each country is encouraged to participate to a certain degree. This will improve "across borders" cooperation and is also more likely to result in political, environmental, cooperation & acceptance. All regional GaiaTellus corporations (and partners) will be instructed to adhere to and promote our sustainable, corporate, social, responsibility policy (SCSR). In tune with a sustainable, long term, approach and thus support and offer a brighter future for the planet (for further details & info, please visit potential "partnerships").

GaiaTellus'  different platforms, will be designed for (but not limited to) harnessing energy from all the different ocean currents, existing on our planet Earth. GaiaTellus' computational fluid dynamic (CFD) calculations carried out during Q2-2015 by D3 Applied Technologies in Spain, indicates a potential for very cost effective and efficient energy producing solutions.

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