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An Ocean-Current- Energy-Application 


  1. Our Platform

Just like other offshore industry professionals, GaiaTellus engineers are also aware of what type of a harsh, corrosive and demanding environment our oceans represent, why our Engineers have acted accordingly. 

Market professionals will appreciate what we had in mind, once they become familiar with how our platforms are designed and how we have implemented a very low grade technology and still optimized performance to obtain a competitive LCOE as well as dependability of our product.

Choice of suppliers, materials, compounds and construction methods for longevity is vital in this process to limit OPEX. We still have various tests and R&D to carry out to assure renewable experts of performance of this, our first "OCEA" version.

At present time, the application method itself and function is not public and thus only available to a select, invited people as our different IP ingredients are subject to receiving additional performance upgrade approvals from "PRV" Swedish Patent Office.     

Our "OCEA" Application Description

    1. Our platforms have longevity functions built in to the propulsion unit including a (Protective Marin Hull System).
    2. The same materials can be incorporated into the design of the surface unit/floating platform units themselves. 
    3. This “Hull System” offers low maintenance, perfect indoor climate 24/7 for generators and other sensitive equipment.

    4. In addition, our platforms and associated equipment/gear will have very few moving parts under the water surface. 
    5. GaiaTellus' designs offer very little sensitivity to underwater growth of shells, barnacles, salinity and corrosion. 
    6. GaiaTellus' platforms will not contain other elaborate technical or sensitive gear to be placed under the surface. 
    7. Other offshore fatigue factors are reduced by using protective, highest quality compounds and materials.

    8. Our platforms are suitable for tidal currents & ocean currents from the surface down to 100 meters depth. 
    9. GaiaTellus' platforms can be adjusted to current's speed by increasing/decreasing "energy generating unit" size. 
    10. Dyneema anchorage cords (strong as steel wires) have extended life span and is not sensitive to salinity. 
    11. Simplicity of platform's construction offers options to use regular mechanical shops and simplified transport.

    12. CFD analysis by D3 Applied Technologies suggests increased efficiency from 3 knots and up. 
    13. Our different size platforms will be able to have generators from 1MW and up. 
    14. Analysis indicates that a 10MW platform in a 4.5 knots current equals at least 4x5MW "offshore" wind turbines. 
    15. Our solutions offer relatively close to 100% efficiency in relation to installed capacity independent of current speed.
    16. Our solutions work with speeds down to 3 knots with acceptable increase of capex at lower speeds of current.

    17. CAPEX/Production indicates enough efficiency, why we can afford quality components & material throughout. 
    18. OPEX is also by comparison lower as a result of less sensitive equipment and fewer moving parts.   



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