Steps to Follow - In The Near Future

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GaiaTellus "Ocean-Current" Platform


At present, we are working on different verification steps
to advance further, towards the market

First, we will update our SWE/EU patent to be followed by "on-going" worldwide patent application procedures through Swedish IP-authorities in Stockholm, Sweden. Our specific patent applications are intended for "Ocean-Current" energy extraction/solution/inventions. These ocean-current inventions as well as others will be held "in-house" by our GaiaTellus Organization. Subject projects were discussed as early as 2012 and then started Q4-2014 which also included other future related inventions/patents under development. We had during Q1-2015 a patent application successfully registered with the Swedish Patent Bureau Authority.   This patent application is subject to be updated Q1 - Q2 2018.

Ensuing verification steps entails a a number of CFD calculations to determine resistance (cd) and a series of "in water" tests of the invention also related to efficiency, competitiveness and functionality. Initial tests have already taken place during Q2-Q3-Q4 2015. Further tests are to be conducted together with "SP" at the Swedish testing facilities SSPA in Gothenburg, Sweden, to be followed by tests offshore within EU no later than Q3-2018. Pending the expected, successful outcome of these tests, design work will be initiated for a first "small" 1 MW commercial "pilot" platform including design and a pre-study  "SSES" for an offshore temporary test platform, intended to validate performance and "scale-up" benefits in "vita reale" environment during 2018-19. During this step, our application for a concession as well as obtaining environmental site approvals from involved environment authorities, including but not limited to transfer of energy to shore/cabling and related issues will all be initiated and aimed to be completed/approved in advance of deployment. During this timeframe, when the pilot platform will be constructed, it is followed by Classification Society DNV-GL's approval procedure including commissioning and deployment in Spain or at alternative locations in Florida, USA.


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