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Our Renewable Energy Technology

The establishment process of GaiaTellus Energy Corp "Road to the Market" is now under way as a result of encouraging CFD analysis, carried out Q1/Q2-2015 by our partner in Spain D3 Applied Technologies. This particular Computerized Fluid Dynamic analysis was executed to evaluate the performance of our next-generation "ocean-current" platform with a capacity ranging from 1MW and up). Still waiting to be verified and officially validated though. 

Our different offshore platform designs are based upon and primarily designed for (but not limited to) -make use of the inherent powers of all our ocean's ever present currents, be it tidal or larger ocean currents such as The Gulf Stream or any Equatorial Current. 

To make sure and double check everything related to our invention's efficiency, performance, durability and cost, we have in this process carried out tests and later also to be assisted by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden). Subject to effect verification 2017, upcoming tests at SSPA in Gothenburg is intended to officially confirm earlier analysis and tests further and proven correct, enable our engineers to move on to detailed design work together with our by then established management team.  SP and other Offshore West involved corporations/consulting firms & engineers, will assist and enable us to build a first platform to show scalability before a "pilot" platform is to be built and later to be introduced to the market. We are always looking to  cooperate with corporations having good"CSR" profiles.

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