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GaiaTellus Energy is in process of establishing its operations and has initiated the development of relationships with future Suppliers, Consultants and Partners where SP is our selected Government authority for support and assistance during our R&D phase and road to the market.


SP contributes to sustainable development through our services and research by developing new expertise and dependable technical decision criteria for the business sector and society. This is done through short assignments and in far-reaching multi-year projects which affect the structure of society and the living environment. SP’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) work is based on the guidelines in the international standard ISO 26000 for social responsibility of businesses and organizations.

As from financial year 2008, in accordance with the guidelines for state-owned companies, SP has adopted sustainability reporting in line with the GRI (Global Report Initiative).


A leading international partner in innovation


Generate value and sustainable development for business and society by offering knowledge and help throughout the innovation chain.


Affiliates / Suppliers


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