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GaiaTellus Intent & Ambition


GaiaTellus Energy's'  No 1 Priority & Focus is to contribute to a healthier planet! Among other things, we want to develop reliable, potent & competitive "Renewable Energy Resources" in the near future. This is needed, to reduce usage of all dirty, fossil fuel alternatives, which is the norm on a global scale today.

GaiaTellus Energy Inc, is in this process focused on promoting and attracting local and/or regional partners in different countries for co-ownership of platforms and especially the General Public from each country is encouraged to participate. This will improve "across borders" cooperation and is also more likely to result in political, environmental, cooperation & acceptance. All regional GaiaTellus corporations (and partners) will be instructed to adhere to and promote our sustainable, corporate, social, responsibility policy (SCSR). In tune with a sustainable, long term, approach and thus support and offer a brighter future for the planet (for further details & info, please visit "partnerships").

GaiaTellus' "Future Energy Platforms" will be designed for (but not limited to) harnessing energy from all the different ocean currents, existing on our planet Earth. GaiaTellus computational fluid dynamic (CFD) calculations carried out during Q2-2015 by D3 Applied Technologies in Spain, indicates a potential for very cost effective and efficient energy producing solutions.

Our Platform

Verification and evaluation of subject specific under water solutions, related to our platforms, will be tested and verified in cooperation with SP and SSPA testing facility in Gothenburg, Most recent, solution/invention, was incorporated into GaiaTellus "platforms" Q1/Q2-2015. This invention has gone through and completed the process of Swedish patent filing procedure. Coming IP steps include additional refinement including EU and world wide patenting procedures of existing and future invention(s).

All commercial, energy platforms are subject to detailed design completion. It will be finalized in this process and executed as all related tests are completed. Such pilot/commercial platforms will be built and according to most recent research (most likely) deployed in The Gulf Stream at beneficial location to verify functionality, scalability and efficiency before larger platforms are to be built. Normally these types of new energy development is a 5+ years worth of R&D before commissioning and start up with a first year of operation takes place. In our case it is estimated to be completed during 2017-2018. 

GaiaTellus Ocean Current Platforms are suited to be deployed in any ocean where suitable currents are present. Deployment of our offshore energy platforms are intended for all global regions and countries having a coastline with neighboring oceans. As GaiaTellus Energy Inc. establishes itself, it will expand and address the entire global market place and given time, we have the ambition and an intention to have a presence in all Global Regions.

Affiliates / Suppliers


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