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Steps to Follow - In The Near Future


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At present, we are working on different verification steps
to advance further towards the market

First, we will update our SWE/EU patent to be followed by "on-going" worldwide patent application procedures through Swedish IP-authorities in Stockholm, Sweden. Our specific patent applications are intended for "Ocean-Current" energy extraction/solution/inventions. These ocean-current inventions as well as others will be held "in-house" by our GaiaTellus Foundation. Subject projects were discussed as early as 2012 and then started Q2-2014 which also included other future related inventions/patents under development. We had during Q1-2015 a patent application successfully registered with the Swedish Patent Bureau Authority.   This patent application is subject to be updated Q2 - Q3 2017.

Ensuing steps entails a a number of CFD calculations to determine resistance and a series of "in water" tests of the invention also related to efficiency, competitiveness and functionality. Initial tests have already taken place during Q2-Q3-Q4 2015. Further tests are to be conducted together with "SP" at the Swedish testing facilities SSPA in Gothenburg, Sweden, to be followed by tests offshore within EU no later than Q4-2017. Pending the expected, successful outcome of these tests, design work will be initiated for a first "small" 1 MW commercial "pilot" platform including design and a pre-study  "SSES" for an offshore temporary test platform, intended to validate performance and "scale-up" benefits in "vita reale" environment during 2017-18. During this step, our application for a concession as well as obtaining environmental site approvals from involved environment authorities, including but not limited to transfer of energy to shore/cabling and related issues will all be initiated and aimed to be completed/approved in advance of deployment. During this timeframe, when the pilot platform will be constructed, it is followed by Classification Society DNV-GL's approval procedure including commissioning and deployment in Spain or at alternative locations in Florida, USA.

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These steps mentioned, will include completion of the detailed design & start up of construction of our first smaller "pilot" platform, which is somewhat delayed and is now estimated to happen at a later stage than earlier advertised. With verification resulting in funding being confirmed, we will issue a press release, estimated to happen(Q3- Q4 2017.) Size is, depending on location, currents & circumstances estimated to be from 1/10 to 1/20 scale of a full size platform. Subject platform will include same (but smaller scale) equipment as a full scale platform. Detailed design and a construction cost is estimated to be approximately 3-5 million EUR. A "proof of concept" platform needed to get to the market (for this type of renewable energy application) is at this price range, considered "very affordable" when compared to other renewable alternatives.

Based upon our own initial CFD platform analysis, carried out early during 2015, by D3 Applied Tehnologies Inc, located in A Coruna in northern Spain to confirm earlier calculations, our inventions are not yet officially tested, however considered to be competitive. Our primary owners together with GaiaTellus Energy AB are together with our other initially invited corporations, partners and owners the initial beneficiaries. They will be highly regarded for their initiative and for getting involved. Everybody else around the world will hopefully get a more sustainable an healthy planet to look forward to as a result of our efforts. We focus on getting these first steps within the energy sector completed as soon as we possibly can, with assistance from other programs to be started during this time frame, in order to rapidly grow the organization because it is no secret anymore - our planet needs to become much more sustainable and ASAP.

WE are convinced, that best support, technical assistance, knowhow and additional protection will be secured by us choosing to have extensions of EU/Nordic/Swedish Governments involved. Therefore, entities such as "SP", "SSPA" and indirectly also Chalmers' University together with Norwegian Classification Society DNV-GL will be involved at these early stages. Our participating, large as well as smaller Nordic Corporations are showing their interest in GaiaTellus product and our environment by indicating participation. These, by us preferred, good "CSR" corporations together with above mentioned affiliates, will most likely prove to be good decisions and ensure best progress forward until we get properly established.

We obviously welcome any other good CSR Nordic corporations/natural GaiaTellus Energy suppliers "to be" as well as potential future partners to ask for information and do their own "due diligence" of our product, prior to us proposing any partnership and/or co-ownership. 

(GaiaTellus is always looking for corporations with good "CSR" profiles.)

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