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    USA is the largest energy consumer "by far" in the
world. USA has also access to more coastlines with ocean
currents than any other country. A country always in dire need of
more energy. Now also having a growing, domestic "opinion" against 
usage of more fossil fuels and Global Warming issues, USA is now looking
for more sustainable, domestic alternatives. A need to replace expensive imports
and reduce cost and all related political implications associated with imports of fossil fuels
is now neccessary. Fuels now likely to replace  these is powerful, renewable energy from The Gulf Stream.

The Gulf Stream, which is stretching along the entire eastern seaboard.

Europe has higher population density than any other part of the world and EU is also more established & developed, why energy demand in within EU is very high. Ocean currents in western EU should therefore be used to reduce need for oil/nuclear & coal as soon as possible.

China & India together with USA represent our major energy consumption areas in the world.  China & India are also representing the category with the largest energy consumption increase. As a result, they are now in need of better, renewable energy solutions. 

We are, because of today's demand for sustainable solutions and from our own experience, convinced that we will see many good, new, sustainable technologies being invented and hopefully come to use in the near future. Both on a "stand alone" basis, as well as in combination with other applications, on larger floating platforms. Platforms having an ability to adapt their own application together with others, such as a GaiaTellus platform is able to incorporate other new renewable technologies, once proven functional.

Such initiatives will obviously reduce CAPEX as well as OPEX expenditures further. GaiaTellus Energy represents one of these solutions and we look forward to good competition, created by our presence. We are convinced that such competition is needed, to restore our climate situation and create a more sustainable environment. Thus we will also have a healthier planet to hand over to our next generations.


There are obviously several, different, potential applications for Ocean Currents. Some are better suited than others, as is the case with all invented products. Now we are ready to find out just how efficient and competitive they are, when compared with our invention. In other words, how competitive is our own invention.

Coal - Oil - Gas - Nuclear... all of these energies are now getting near the end of their life cycle, as energy sources. Renewable alternatives will ultimately replace them. Why is this? Because,GaiaTellus and many other corporations together with us, are doing their best to develop solutions, suitable for ocean currents and other types of energies, delivered by nature "free of charge" - (something, which is tough to beat in the long run.)

These renewable alternatives are becoming more and more competitive, as we speak. We all have annual "OPEX" costs to take care of, just like any competitor. This is more than one can say about the fossil fuel competition, offering an ever increasing price of oil, especially if there are no competitive "renewable" alternatives to turn to.

In addition, they are also environmental polluters, something, which is now finally starting to indirectly affect them because of our global warming issue and the very reason why renewable alternatives are invented around the world and gaining ground. The fossil fuel industry all produce CO2, which is what we get too much of and what is now causing the global warming.

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