To make sure we succeed


Having a Foundation as Governor,
will improve GaiaTellus' odds to become successful


The over-all reasons with having a Foundation involved, stems from the fact that it is possible to encourage the establishment of statutes across borders for the whole organization's path forward. This will ultimately benefit the ongoing process, its participants, execution of GaiaTellus future -to be established-  "Society" and its programs and on a long term basis + the planet itself, in many different ways. These statutes, once established, cannot be altered without a unanimous decision. GaiaTellus' Organization decided from day ONE that our Foundation preferably also should own a stake in GaiaTellus Energy Inc. Thereby our Foundation would influence the future of our energy producing entity "GTE" in a positive and for the planet sustainable way even further. 

Why is this important? Because, mankind (if permitted) too often, either inherits or develops egotistical values over time. While common sense and ideology as set out from the start also tends to dissipate over time in favor of excessive personal gain, if made available. We have important tasks ahead of us - many of which concerns the entire planet, its fauna and inhabitants. GaiaTellus wants to be part of and do our best to prevent and minimize effects of today's unsustainable path and the current Global Warming's potentially disastrous changes from happening, be it that the Global Warming is caused by ourselves or not.

Ensuing calamities (not necessarily Global warming related) - has been brought on by our actions and/or inactions over the past 100 years. If we are to expect the planet and homo sapiens to survive, sustainable and environmental measures must be instilled not only by ourselves at our Organization but hopefully adopted by many more people around the globe. Hopefully the General Public will be influenced by GaiaTellus' actions and what we intend to do as well as hope to prevent from happening. Otherwise our next generation "at best" will experience end of civilization and way of life, as we know it.

We have difficult tasks ahead of us - but it can be done  - providing the majority of all people on this planet also realize the severity of what is now beginning to happen. Global weather is showing clear evidence of anomalies not seen before in our lifetime. many different reasons, why we want to be part of this process and hopefully make a difference. Can easily be explained to "YOU" our dear reader, by this "a must read" very important presentation on

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Never before has
been so desperately needed! 


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