Our Foundation: The Administrator

(under establishment) 

GaiaTellus Foundation, to be established with a purpose to assist & govern our entire organization including but not limited to prioritizing the range of different programs, we aim to support and get started in the future. GaiaTellus Foundation has also been recommended to own and thus also control our patents and other related inventions. Of which, some of our initial inventions were developed and now to be incorporated into the design of different environmental & sustainable applications including our present "ocean-current" platform.

As such, the Foundation can ensure allegiance & compliance by GTE as well as other entities to be established in the future. The Foundation's statutes, provides guidance in accordance with our entire organization's future direction and course of action. GaiaTellus Foundation also holds part ownership of GaiaTellus Energy. The Foundation is thus in addition the administrator of its portion of profits received from GaiaTellus Energy's different commercial activities.


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