Our Future Programs

All potential future Programs such as these displayed below will be realized first when agreed upon & approved by GaiaTellus Foundation Advisory Committee. These programs will be administered by and also managed by elected employees /members - at regional “GaiaTellus Centers” in different countries.

Subject GaiaTellus Centers will be established and selected programs will be initiated, where needed the most. Selection of Programs will be based upon both global & regional conditions/circumstances and also subject to approval by our Foundation Committee together with input from our eligible "GaiaTellus' Society members" to be developed present on a world wide basis and subject to how they will vote.

On this page you find the embryo to our future programs displayed, for the reader to be able to envision what GaiaTellus has in mind. Once prioritized and order of importance is selected, said programs will go through a phase of development & completion together with suitable GaiaTellus supporters/entities before start-up.


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