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GaiaTellus Organization was established in 2012 


BECAUSE, IT IS NOW CONFIRMED - Global warming is a reality! THE TIPPING POINT is only a few years away. It is also known as "THE POINT OF NO RETURN" meaning, we can't stop it!

Venus Earth Comparison1

Venus is smaller and closer to the Sun, why Global Warming happened there already. Venus has appr. 460 degrees Celsius on the ground today Check out the link below! It  will tell you why we are in a more dangerous situation than what most people realize!


IF WE DON'T ACT, we will face an unstoppable "RUN-AWAY" GLOBAL WARMING process, which will accelerate over the next 50-100 years and ultimately make our planet Earth totally uninhabitable!!! 

WHAT IS YOUR OWN OPINION? Please read on and we will provide more Scientific data, proving what is already taking place. You must have noticed, yourself the change in climate over the past 10-15 years, with extreme Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis etc, haven't you? 

ALL OF US ON THE PLANET, have to start cooperate!!! We at GaiaTellus, will do our best to spread the word through our Organization, members, supporters and website, of course. We  need to make the entire world population more aware, so we can act together, "All of Us" if we want to still have a somewhat habitable planet in 15-20  years.  




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