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Stockholm First Green Capital
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Global Warming
The One Unifying Event

Welcome Environmental Supporters

World population growth over the past 100 years - a scary fact!
....which you probably have noticed over the past few years!

These are scary facts, but imagine, if we continue to grow with 380% over the next 100 years, we will have 36 BILLION people on the planet!!! Is there anybody in this world, who thinks the planet can handle (not 36 billion) but just 10 billion, knowing how bad it already is TODAY with 7.8 Billion people? Why don't we "all of us" on this planet, face reality? While there is still time to act upon it.

Education is needed on a global basis, to teach everybody the importance of a quality reduction in population to save our beautiful planet. 

With 3-4 billion people on the planet, we would not cause any harmful Global warming, which we are now doing today.

Today's continued  BNP growth model without multi level environmental related decay is now not possible to achieve, which can be witnessed in many places. The planet has in recent years as a result, also started to turn hostile again, with threats of war in many places. 

WE need to apply a much needed, humane environmental, population decrease approach, by promoting lower birth rates, averaging 1,5-2.0 per family on a global basis. Thus, we will create a slow but steady and healthy decrease of population until we reach our goal - instead of facing future turmoil, anarchy and civil unrest all over the planet, something which is now starting to become apparent.