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A World in need of
Renewable Energy
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
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Always Quality over Quantity

17. CSR - an efficient solution

CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility.
Should also include "Corporate Social & Sustainable Responsibility".  >CSSR<  



With appropriate, adjusted tax benefits it will be advantageous for all parties to promote the development of CSR and an economical system that is self propelling and thus in less need of governance from authorities and as such resulting in a more economical system without affecting profits negatively. 

So, if we let corporations compete in order to become popular and thus obtain best possible employees by giving candidates good enough reasons for becoming potential employees and choose to work for them instead of someone else, we will have the beginning of a "new era" which will become better and better regarding how to run their own corporation and it will also also rub off on how governments themselves become more efficient. (These good CSR corporations will make sure results come to the public's attention.) IKEA of today in USA is an extremely good example of how this will work!

This will be the smartest future development to create a better, sounder, friendlier society. A society which to a great extent will be governed by responsible corporations. Efficient corporations with good, decent, logical approach and values to solve problems and make themselves better as a corporation while also making sure they have employees who are happy and enjoy working for them.

This also means a lot less need for excessive Government employment & expenditures to pay government employees, when some of these cost could be adjusted and handled by corporations themselves.   

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