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A World in need of
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
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Always Quality over Quantity

18. Planet Earth Population Emergency

This is obviously a very sensitive subject. It does not matter who has been addressed, we see a negativism when the question is asked: Would YOU subscribe to an initiative where we attempt to explain to the world population that we need to neutralize population growth on planet Earth - if we want to look forward to a planet, which is able to provide an ongoing and sustainable supply of materials - matter- metals-produce - etc. 


This is more of a question for the next generation BUT very acute already today. Why is it so difficult to promote and support a lifestyle based on a family consisting of 2+ 1-2 children (average) whereas it would create a smooth and controlled reduction of people on the planet and a offer a better, sustainable Society for everybody to look forward to. Promoting this obvious path would increase the odds of establishing a quality Society and thus enjoy a decent way of life in the future.

Developed nations with lower birthrates should by default be more motivated to educate the less educated world that this is a necessary step our planet earth is in need of, in order to provide all different types of food stuff, minerals, metals with healthy atmospheres and clean water, which we need to maintain functioning societies.

Especially when we know that today we already "borrow" from NEXT year's allotment to provide for what we need THIS year.  No matter how You or I look at this today if we continue as is, sooner probably than later it will be the end of mankind. (please see "overshoot day" program!)

Everybody, we have talked to recently in person, is now (2019) finally of the opinion that this concerns everybody on this planet.

It seems like most persons until now 2019, could not see what life will be for his/her own children in 30 years (when Earth will have 15 Billion people or more). We are already now 1919, at a stage that all hell could brake lose, anytime soon. When things start to get out of hand in one spot, it spreads like wildfire nowadays, because Internet / FB / Twitter / any Public media will make sure - willing or not that it happens - We can see the signs already.  

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