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A World in need of
Renewable Energy
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
An awesome renewable Energy Resource

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Always Quality over Quantity

Potent Renewable Energy!


 Planet Earth's Global Ocean-Currents


THERE ARE NO OTHER RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCES on our planet Earth, which are more dependable than our oceans' currents. All these currents will continue to move, perpetually, 24/7/365, as long as we have a healthy, sustainable, atmosphere. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we do our best to protect planet Earth's atmosphere by producing "clean" renewable energy, which is also offered to us by harvesting our ocean's resources, such as waves & ocean currents!

Currently we are destroying our oceans
by polluting them. We also disperse a vast amounts of CO2 into the air - and as a result, very soon methane gas will also drastically add to this adverse "global-warming" equation. A global warming effect, primarily accelerated by our continued and extensive use of fossil fuels.

WE ARE NOW CAUTIOUSLY CONFIDENT that we may have developed "next generation" renewable energy application, which offers a good LCOE. Because it is based on a basic, low-tech, technology in combination with utilization of the energy stored in our Global Ocean Currents. 



 Vital, optional, design properties also offers built in flexibility. Properties, allowing our platforms to function under a wide range of conditions.

Our Platform

A technology that works, is efficient, cost effective and with no ingredients sensitive to corrosion installed. With these built-in longevity properties, they result in a lower "OPEX" because of construction and service simplicity. Once we get our product oficially tested and introduced to the market, we may just become "the difference" in curbing this, the most urgent problem we have on our planet today "global warming".

Global warming, is a serious problem, to be handled, before it is too late. Because the CO2 in the atmosphere has "now" started to influence the Siberian and Canadian permafrost areas, negatively! This may trigger the release of vast amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. 

Methane gas is affecting the atmosphere 27 times more than CO2 and could potentially cause a "Run-Away" global warming, if we do not stop this from happening.