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A World in need of
Renewable Energy
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
An awesome renewable Energy Resource

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Always Quality over Quantity


GaiaTellus Energy is in process of establishing its operations and has initiated the development of relationships with future Suppliers, Consultants and Partners where Seaflex is one of our Partners.


SEAFLEX® is the most modern and technologically advanced mooring system on the market today, providing secure moorings even under the worst weather conditions.

The moorings are self-regulating according to variations in water level, slowly elongates and retracts in a smooth, even movement. We have successful projects with 7 meter (23 feet) tidal fluctuation as well as 25 meter (82 feet) artificial variation. This flexibility ensures that moored pontoons are stable and not exposed to unnecessary wear. SEAFLEX moorings can also handle any depth, works as well in shallow water as it does in deep water.

With over 1000 documented installations worldwide we have references with water depths from 1 to 90 meter (3 to 300 feet). SEAFLEX mooring systems are always under tension which adds stability to the pontoon/dock making it horizontally stable. The unique design keeps the marina in position without the use of noisy, unaesthetic piles. Our choice of materials also guarantees a minimal risk of corrosion.

The size of each mooring is calculated based on the active forces with the help of our own software, JFlex, a program that is freely available to our partners. Factors crucial to these calculations are variations in water-level, wind, waves, current, depth and the total air resistance caused by boats. All of these calculations are freely available to the buyer. Our committed engineers are there to help you understand the technical aspect of our product, together we can design the marinas for tomorrow!

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