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A World in need of
Renewable Energy
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
An awesome renewable Energy Resource

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Always Quality over Quantity

13. Global TV channel


GaiaTellus Organization / Foundation intends to establish a "Free of Charge" - "non-biased" - Global TV channel. A TV channel, which is clearly "pro" QUALITY over QUANTITY & Sustainable Societies!   

In the near future, it will be common to all countries that "TV Channels" are delivered through the internet via people's computers, why we will be able to opt for several  GAIA TV Channels

  • TV channels intended for separate issues / programs.
  • Our TV channels & Programs will not have "paid for" advertising.
  • Advertising about "our different programs to view" can be announced between existing programs.

GaiaTellus Organization & Foundation's TV Channel, will become available through the Internet in the near future. All our Internet based  "live" TV programs as well as recorded programs can be viewed on your large screen TV or recorded by yourself on your computer and at a later time viewed on your large screen TV by using wireless "Chromecast"  "Apple" "Amazon" type devices, who will be even more efficient in the future. Also making it possible to view any program anytime regardless of internet connection or TV connection.

  • This will result in making more of "The General Public" - e.g. ordinary people aware of Global Topics that matters.
  • Including the important future development of CSR corporations with progressive sustainability thinking in a.m.a.p different countries.
  • We will address select Universities whom are conducting important research regarding our Planet Earth, Environment, Sustainability, Health, etc.
  • We will make their results available to as many people as possible regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion or age!
  • Our Planet's different nations will as a result be encouraged to improve their democratic values on behalf of their citizens.

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