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3. Gaia Virtual Supercomputer Program

The GaiaTellus Virtual Supercomputer (VSC) is one of our very first programs that will be initiated after starting up the GaiaTellus Energy OCEA project.


The need of calculating vast amount of complex research data is one of the biggest growing problems scientists face all over the world, as it is costly and time-consuming. That is why GaiaTellus intend to create, maintain and provide universities (first and foremost) all over the world a new type of scientific supercomputer tool, which will help speed up these calculation processes and thus be able to finalize results in minutes instead of years. Cost for this service to universities will be more or less free of charge (Registration and a symbolic costs is involved). 


GaiaTellus intention and ambition, is to create, develop and maintain control over the world's largest, cloud based virtual supercomputer. A computer, which gets its fuel and collective power from GaiaTellus supporters, who have volunteered to participate and allow usage of their electronic devices.


The participation is done by the utilization of a small portion of the calculation power from all Supporters' personal smart devices (eg. smartphones or similar) when not in use or in idle mode. This is done via a clever and secure app, which will not effect their daily usage. Each device/phone is, when idle, automatically and continuously being assigned a calculation task, which corresponds to a small fragment of the complete calculation needed for the present research project. GaiaTellus VSC is the brain behind which manages this division and composition of fragments to an end result.

GaiaTellus Supporters are all people on Earth wanting to take part in speeding up research and development that benefits mankind and a sustainable Planet. Through the app each GaiaTellus Supporter will be able to find all kinds of information about the research projects presently and historically supported, such as: 

  • view live infographics and detailed information about each R&D projects supported
  • view individual details (eg. contribution of calculation time, points generated, participate in incentive programs, etc)
  • view historical data and reports about R&D projects that have been finalized and what they have achieved for the humanity/Planet
  • connect and recommend friends to join and participate
  • vote for future research projects to be included
  • communicate (across boarders) with each other
  • ... and much more
This powerful supercomputer tool can only be used for scientific projects that are of great importance to humanity and our Planet. GaiaTellus will be the moderator responsible for supervising and maintaining transparency and overall quality for the services provided.

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