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A World in need of
Renewable Energy
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
An awesome renewable Energy Resource

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Always Quality over Quantity

7. Overshoot Day


Do you know the real meaning behind "overshoot day"?

Overshootday1  Temperature2  Overshootday3

This program and associated Surveys will educate the public of the most pressing issues related to our resources on the planet and what is now bringing us to a point where it is really needed and why we have to create an awareness that will support a change in attitude by taking surveys and then tell others to take the survey - talk about this serious situation and thus make popular opinion change for the better and slowly hopefully result in one of many reasons, for us to change attitude and act more responsibly. 


>>> This is the day -every year- when we have spent what the world manages to produce every year and still maintain its sustainability. (In other words - being able to supply what is needed the next year without "taking resources from the next year". 


(1st year we went negative was 1987)

1987/12/31  +  2000/11/01  +  2005/10/20  + 2011/09/20  +  2012/08/22  +   2013/08/16 

2014 we reached overshoot day, August 19th.

We hope that recent environmental efforts and growing awareness is making a difference
and that this is not a temporary situation based on recent cyclical downturn in economy.....

BUT, we continue taking from next years supply - and more every year, since 1987

In other words, we still had to take 35% of our resources intended for 2015
to manage our needs  for the rest of the 2014  =  from 8/24 - 12/31, 2014!!
2018 the date was August 1st!!
2019 we will start using resources for 2020 in mid- July!!!

  With an ongoing increasing population in the world, an increase estimated to bring us from current 7.3 billion people up to 10-11 Billion by 2030 it will be more difficult every year to supply demand. In other words, we need to rethink how we shall handle this by becoming more efficient, promote quality over quantity parentship and thus reduce population growth significantly by using common sense and by providing important, better education in all regions of the world. 


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