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A World in need of
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
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Always Quality over Quantity

14. Public Opinion Awareness Initiative

GaiaTellus' ambition is to bring about a world wide change in attitudes with the help of the world's general public. This is an "across-borders" action to enhance understanding and cooperation across borders in addition to all other benefits.


Together, we will promote more quality thinking at the expense of quantity. We will create tools to inhibit further development of attitudes relating to and creating wrongful behaviour + interests in derogatory habits resulting in actions, which will ultimately dilute existing level of consciousness while promoting adverse neanderthal behaviour even further than you see today which unfortunately has a pronounced effect upon a certain portion of the public and is thus detrimental to the future enhancement and progress of mankind.

Obvious matters such as rules for gambling, advertisements, gun control & excessive public behaviour could and should be determined through public opinion polls to prevent and avoid lobbying activities attempting to create and make people choose wrongful decisions. (Lobbying activities, which today is very much the case within politics - to further mislead the public and get poor decisions accepted.)

In other words, from our leaders we will look for and expect better leadership in the future than is the case today + smarter decisions concerning how we handle our environment, our people and our diminishing resources. All of which, are now of vital importance for our survival as well as that of our planet.


  • Our "survey program" will determine our future path to follow.
  • Ensuing programs will provide all necessary information
  • Vital information needed for us to produce adequate petitions
  • Petitions intended for public review & world leaders to act upon
  • Each of these petitions will be signed electronically by millions of people
  • Especially by young people from all different countries around the world
  • Because it is their world we are talking about - and it is also their future 
  • Major Global networks will be informed and they will publish our information
  • In return, this will signal the start-up for our next generation's future Society


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