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A World in need of
Renewable Energy
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Planet Earth's Ocean Currents
An awesome renewable Energy Resource

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Always Quality over Quantity


GaiaTellus will establish different programs. One of these programs will explain all the long term benefits of Quality. Why Quality will prevail, while quantity in the long run always will come up short. It takes a little bit of education and use of intelligence to understand the value of Quality. We do not expect 100% of the world population to agree with us, for obvious reasons. However, we are confident that more than 50% will subscribe to a Quality outlook on life once we have explained all "pros & cons" related to Quality versus Quantity.

When "The Timing" is right - we will publish a Survey to find out what your opinion as well as "The Global Public Opinion" today is on a life based upon Quality versus Quantity will mean over time!

Given time, ALL our programs as well as other important issues will be subject to potential Surveys to find out what the view and opinion of "The General Global Public" is!     

We are probably at a point in mankind's history where we, if we do not take a serious look at Quality versus Quantity, "WE" the people living on this planet, will very soon be gone from this planet! Your opinion is needed on this subject! 

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