The Global Energy Demand Today

World Energy consumption in reference to GaiaTellus' solution 

If GaiaTellus' Ocean-Current platform indeed proves to be much better than Wind Power, we would be really competitive and a good alternative. The charts on this page give an appreciation of what it would take to make our planet 100% sustainable.

For comparison reasons only, by using GaiaTellus platforms alone, it would take us more than a staggering 4 million (4,000,000) 10MW size platforms in order to supply 100% of Earth energy needs. In other words, as demonstrated below, with today's existing alternatives, we need a tremendous amount of different renewable resources to become 100% sustainable on planet Earth. We hope and trust that there will be many other improvements in the field of "Renewable Energy" on a global basis, in addition to GaiaTellus, because it is definitely needed.


Please notice that "ocean currents" are not even mentioned as an alternative in this recent article!



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